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Yampa River, Colorado

Family Vacations & Family Vacation Ideas - Yampa River, CO

Four and Five Days, Class III

Four-Day Departures
June 1, 22, 28

Four-Day Price
: $799 adult/$699 youth

Five-Day Value Departures
May 18; June 11

Five-Day Price
: $891 adult/$802 youth

Five-Day Peak Departures
July 2, 9, 14

Five-Day Price
: $971 adult/$880 youth

Five Day Geology Trips, Class III
Geology Trips with a professional geologist

Departure Dates
May 16, 26; June 9


Additional Costs:
$5 National Park Service entrance fee
Optional $84 per person transportation package

family vacation ideas One of our family vacations will take you to Dinosaur National Monument – the name alone conjures a host of images, and many of those images may be true to form. Our family vacations will allow you to experience the park first hand, which features dinosaur bones preserved in ancient rock walls, deep rivers that cut indecorously through dry desert canyons and ancient sea beds full of prehistoric fossils, frozen in time. But it's the most active of imaginations that are able to visualize the splendor and beauty of rivers fringed by cottonwoods and box elders thriving in an otherwise arid land of mountains and canyons, once the home of dinosaurs, prehistoric turtles and crocodiles, and creatures three times as old as the Apatosaurus.

Yampa River family vacations will take you to the last tributary of the Colorado River system that remains undammed. As a result its free-flowing waters surge through cauldrons of big, untamed Class III and IV rapids. In its natural state, the Yampa also showcases sandy beaches, deep, colorful canyons, habitats for native plants and animals, and the many other features of a river unfettered by man-made obstructions. Our family vacations to the Yampa River feature a trip to Dinosaur National Monument, which will add an intriguing archeological element, and hikes along the river expose ancient fossils, pre-Columbian ruins, and petroglyphs carved into the surrounding cliff walls. All these treasures are encased in a strikingly beautiful river corridor whose vertical walls are a canvas of yellow and red, sometimes dramatically streaked with jet-black coloration known as “desert varnish.”

Family Vacations - Why the Yampa?
A stunning springtime river, the Yampa is most alive in May, runs well through June and early July, and then begins to taper off in mid-summer. Here's why we think you should spend four or five days this spring or early summer experiencing one of our adventure family vacations.

family vacation ideas

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