Great Family Vacations
Great Family VacationsGreat Family VacationsGreat Family VacationsGreat Family VacationsGreat Family Vacations
Great Family Vacations
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Great Family Vacations
Why O.A.R.S. Family Vacations?

While all of O.A.R.S. family vacations are outstanding, these great
family vacations are perfected with families in mind. O.A.R.S.
understands the virtues that go hand in hand with meaningful
— and memorable — family time.

Great Family VacationsTrust, sharing, caring and laughing are just a few of these. Our great family vacations tailor a wilderness world into a place perfectly suited for nurturing all of those virtues, regardless of your child's age.

Just ask someone who's been along for one of our great family vacations.

“Our white-water rafting trip on the Lower Salmon River had as much to do with old-fashioned family fun as it did with running rapids,” wrote L.A. Times travel reporter and father-of-one John Muncie. “It was the warm and fuzzy things — singing around the campfire, eating meals together, inventing games, telling bad jokes, debating big issues with know-it-all adolescents — we remembered long after the white-water thrills faded.”

The benefits of our great family vacations are two-fold.

Great Family Vacations

There's the kind you experience with your senses: The visual rush of whitewater and ridge-top romps. The smell of morning river mist on an evergreen forest's edge. The taste of a hearty, healthy dinner — and a delicious desert shared with the kids. The sound of silence. The feel of chilly little feet beneath your hands, warmed by a crackling campfire.Great Family Vacations

“Aside from the occasional white water,” Muncie recalled, “river days were soothing stretches of lazy rocking and leisure, framed by spectacular scenery of golden hills and deep gorges. At the start, our trip leader suggested we leave our watches behind. The sun became our clock, and the plaintive note the guide blew on his conch shell our call to meals.”

O.A.R.S great family vacations offer other benefits, which include the kind you and your family feel in your minds and souls, and the kind you might see in your child, maybe for a first time: New self confidence after a adrenaline-charged tumble into mountain-fresh waters. Knowledge, following a guided trip into the preserved dwellings of an ancient tribe. A sincere respect for all living things after watching a foal and doe deer at river's edge. And after a break from the big city, a shared experience with family, a new understanding for what is truly important in life.

During our toasts and testimonials, our trip leader rose and spoke for the guides, saying, “We hope the river spoke to you and gave you a special gift.” “Because it does to us.”





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