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Snake River through Hells Canyon, Idaho

Family Vacations & Family Vacation Ideas - Snake River , ID

Three and Five Days, Class III:

Value Season Departure Dates
May 25; June 2, 10 (Hells Canyon Preservation Council Benefit Trip), 18; August 29; September 6

5 day: $1265 adult / $1174 youth
3 day: $998 adult / $919 youth


Three and Five Days, Class III:

Peak Season Departure Dates
June 26 (Family Trip); July 4, 12, 20, 28; August 5, 13, 21 (Family Trip)

5 day: $1336 adult / $1215 youth
3 day: $1203 adult / $1123 youth

Looking for family vacation ideas? Family vacations in Idaho often make people feel as though they have stepped back into a time that existed hundreds of years ago – a wonderfully and untouched land without any signs of modern development. Idaho is one of the country's true final frontiers and therefore is an excellent spot for family vacations. Idaho showcases miles upon miles of sheltered wilderness areas that show very little change since appearing on the U.S. map. There are outstanding opportunities for family vacations in Idaho's valleys, canyons mountains, and forests – hiking, climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and our favorite – family rafting trips on the nearly 3,100 miles of whitewater that push through Idaho's backcountry.

Family Vacation Ideas

Hells Canyon, home of the impressive Snake River, is actually the deepest gorge in North America. Situated along the border between Idaho and Oregon, Hells Canyon reaches depths of nearly 8,000 feet between the Seven Devils range to the east and Oregon's rim country to the west. Our family vacations will take you through this tremendous gorge, which features the warm, clear waters of the Snake River, which rumble through some of the most exciting, big-wave rapids in the Northwest. The Snake River also features calmer sections, which are fantastic fishing spots. Hells Canyon's watery bliss is matched by its stunning rockscapes and the many intriguing remnants of past inhabitants, both indigenous and foreign, creating rich family vacations that are hard to beat.

Family Vacation Ideas

Family Vacation Ideas - Why Hells Canyon Family Vacations?
Here are just a few reasons why this is one of our most popular family vacation ideas:

Family Vacation Ideas - Whitewater Family Vacations
•  The Snake River is dam – controlled and flows steadily all season long, creating powerful Class III rapids and, in certain water levels, a few adrenaline-pumping Class IV's, which make for exciting family vacations. Lively drops and roller-coaster wave trains provide an exiting ride, whether you're traveling hands-on in a paddle raft or inflatable kayak, bucking through the rapids in a hard-hulled dory, or just holding on as you plow right through in a stable oar boat. Intermittent stretches of calm water offer plenty of chances to swim in the cooling river.

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