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San Juan River, UT

Family Adventure Travel & Family Rafting Adventures - San Juan River, UT

2 -Days, Class II:
Departure Dates

March 5, 19; April 2, 16, 23; May 6, 21; June 10, 20; July 16, 24, 31

Stars with Lars Archeoastronomy Trip: April 23    

Designated Family Departures: July 16, 24
$709 adult / $640 youth


Family Rafting A family rafting trip to The San Juan River will take you through some of the most complicated canyons in the Colorado Plateau. This family adventure vacation will allow you to experience Southeastern Utah, which is a place of dreamlike vibrancy and beauty. one that took, hundreds of millions of years to create. Eons of erosion has left a wilderness of rich red rock canyons, cliffs and monuments, interwoven with shaded alcoves, grottoes, and side canyons where rich vegetation thrives near the trickling streams. A bottomless treasure chest of archeological wealth, this area holds many remnants of ancient civilizations – the most prominent of which are the Prehistoric Puebloan (known also as the Anasazi) culture. For unknown reasons this intriguing group of Native Americans abandoned the area around 1300 A.D., leaving behind watchtowers, granaries,kivas, cliff dwellings, and panels of unique rock art.

Possibly the best way to discover this area is by one of our family adventure vacations, which will take you down one of the many rivers that are responsible for creating such beauty. A San Juan family adventure will take you through some of the country's most impressive wilderness areas. A mellow, congenial river, the San Juan offers our guests a relaxing family adventure vacation in between family rafting trips, which will allow you to tackle Class II rapids. Our family adventure vacations feature plenty of hiking, beautiful weather and pleasant water, and frequent, accessible Anasazi ruins – 15,000 ruin sites exist are found in the home country of the San Juan – making this a rewarding family rafting trip for any outdoor enthusiasts. It's also the perfect family rafting trip for families with children as young as five years old.

Family Rafting

Family Rafting / Family Adventure Vacation - Why the San Juan?San Juan River
With family rafting trips beginning as early as March and running up until August, the San Juan offers ample opportunity and reasons to experience an exciting family rafting adventure on this outstanding river.


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