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Rogue River, Oregon

Family Vacations & Family Vacation Ideas - Rogue River, OR
Four Days, Class III

Departure Dates
June 9, 14, 16, 19, July 9, August 11, 18, September 8

$961 adult / $837 youth

Five Days, Class III

Departure Dates
June 26, July 2, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28, 31, August 7, 14, 26, September 9

$1099 adult / $979 youth

Family Vacation Ideas The Pacific Northwest is undoubtedly at its best along the shores of the Rogue River. Our family vacations to the Rogue River will take you into the Siskiyou Mountains of southwestern Oregon, the Rogue River makes its way through one of the most beautiful pine-forested canyons on the continent. During our Rogue River family vacations you will find yourself surrounded by the life shaping beauty of the Rogue River. The 4 or 5 day O.A.R.S. family vacations cover 45 miles of the Rogue's best as it makes its way from its headwaters high in the Cascades to the incomparable Oregon coastline. So beautiful, in fact, is this stretch of river that it has been protected since 1968.

The Rogue River is perfect for one of your next family vacations. Our family vacations on the Rogue feature moderate whitewater, which is ideal for all levels of experience, from beginner to intermediate, including younger rafters. However, rapids such as Blossom Bar and Rainey Falls are sure to inspire a generous dose of adrenaline. For the more adventurous among the group, our inflatable kayaks provide a more personal encounter with the rapids of the Rogue, as well as the shores wildlife. The most common sightings throughout these family vacations include deer, beaver and river otter, along with an occasional black bear. And let's not forget the many species of fish and birds we will see along the way; indeed, this river canyon is the birdwatcher's and fisherman's delight. During our family vacations, we set up camp on many sandy beaches that line the river. Inside a tent or under the starry night sky, you'll sleep soundly, serenaded by the rush of the passing river.

Family Vacations - Why the Rogue?

Family Vacation Ideas

For the small chance that Southwestern Oregon's varied cultural and scenic attractions weren't enough, family vacations with O.A.R.S. will give you the opportunity to spend a few days smelling the roses, so to speak. Here are a few reasons why a family adventure vacation on the Rogue River is one of the best choices for one of your next family vacations.

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