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Jackson Lake Kayak, Wyoming

Family Adventures & Family Vacations - Jackson Lake Kayak, WY

One Day, One Night:
Sundays mid June through mid September


$273 adult / $222 youth

Two Days, Two Nights
Sundays and Fridays mid June through mid September


$435 adult / $350 youth

Why Jackson Lake Sea Kayaking?
Whether you spend two weeks or two months in Jackson Hole it almost certainly won't be long enough. This is a land of breath-taking natural beauty that you truly have to experience to believe. With O.A.R.S., you'll enjoy an in-depth exploration of Grand Teton National Park's breathtaking backcountry.

Family AdventuresSEA KAYAKING
•  The sea kayak is a low-impact, non-technical and self-propelled craft devised by the ancient Inuit peoples of the Arctic Ocean. It has evolved into a stable, efficient and extremely sea-worthy vehicle, and one that affords an accessible and totally unobtrusive experience of Jackson Lake.

O.A.R.S. Jackson Lake Sea Kayak adventure is suited for guests of all ages and abilities. The sea kayak is a welcome reprieve for the weary feet and backs of hikers and opens up a new paddling realm for canoeists. Paddle strokes are relatively simple and easy to learn and all of our trips offer expert instruction from our professional guides.

•  Children as young as 4 may accompany the trip. At the discretion of the guide, children under 10 may be allowed to paddle the 2-person kayaks with adult supervision.


•  Though breathtaking through even the window of a moving car, the Tetons beg to be explored up close. There are trails fit for every level of hiker—from flat and winding along the valley floor to steep and exposed near high mountain peaks. There will be ample time for hiking during your trip, but avid hikers mayl want to spend a few days exploring on their own. For the adventurous spirit, backcountry camping permits are available on a first-come first-serve basis; spend a few nights on your own before or after joining us and you'll see the park in ways not possible from any highway.


•  O.A.R.S. Grand Teton Kayaking trips are ideal for families who wish to spend some time away from the hustle of everyday life. Our trips are the perfect forum for sharing favorite pastimes with your child, providing plenty of time to enjoy one another's company.

•  The Tetons are among some of the youngest mountain ranges in the world, jagged mountains reach heights of over 12,000 feet high. The Grand Teton itself stands 13,770 feet above sea level, rising nearly vertically, over a mile from the Jackson Hole valley floor. This range is a rare example of block-faulted mountains and displays an impressive array of glacial formations.


•  Grand Teton National Park was first photographed in 1872 by William H. Jackson and continues to delight even the most amateur of photographers. The areas natural features and wildlife leave hardly a view unworthy of a picture. Bring plenty of film—you'll need it!

•  The aquatic life found in Grand Teton National Park are plentiful and include Brook,Brown,Cutthroat, Mackinaw and Rainbow Trout. A Wyoming fishing license is required to cast your line in the abundant streams, creeks, rivers and lakes. You can purchase a Wyoming fishing license in Jackson or at the Signal Mountain Lodge store for approximately $6.00 per day. We recommend that you bring your own fishing gear. For local fishing information call:

Orvis Jackson Hole
(307) 733-5407


Jack Dennis' Outdoor Shop
(307) 733-3270.


•  Grand Teton National Park and the adjoining wilderness of Yellowstone make up the largest intact ecosystem in the continental United States. This protected area is home to wild animals such as bear, moose, dear, elk, bison and bighorn sheep.

Sample Itinerary
We pride ourselves in running a relaxed and always flexible schedule. Every trip is different depending upon the group, other trips on the water and sometimes the weather. The following is a sample of what your trip may be like.

  • On the first morning of your trip, the group will gather at the Signal Mountain Lodge Public Boat Ramp, located inside Grand Teton National Park. Here you will meet your guides and fellow guests—all sharing in excited expectation of what's to come.
  • After your guide presents the group with a thorough demonstration on kayaking techniques, safety procedures and “leave no trace” wilderness ethics, we'll be on our way. Your personal gear will be safely stowed in our motorized snout rig. Depending on water and weather conditions, we will board sleek one- or tandem (two-person) touring kayaks en route to our base camp. The motorized craft will act as a support boat—supplying lunch and a lift if you so desire. As we move across the lake we'll break periodically to relax, eat and relax beneath the towering peaks of the Teton Range. It is seven miles to our exclusive campsite on Grassy Island, a perfect base camp for the adventures ahead.
  • Spend the afternoon in whatever way you choose: read a novel, indulge in a painting or pull in a cutthroat trout worthy of tall tales. A guide is always available to lead short paddles around the island and to the Moran Canyon area on shore. Here we'll hike up a rushing creek to spectacular waterfalls and incredible views of the lake, all in the shadow of majestic Mt. Moran.
  • You'll find , we're sure, that paddling can inspire quite an appetite—and dinnertime comes not a minute too soon. Your tastes may be less discriminating when eating in a wilderness setting, but ours are not. The menus we serve will astound in it's diversity, quality and presentation.
  • Our evenings on Grassy Island are as magical as our days. After dinner we may enjoy a moonlight paddle, or perhaps he warm glow of a campfire, where we'll gather for conversation stories, and laughter. Slumber under the stars of the wide Wyoming sky, content in the knowledge that this is rest well earned.
  • We're sure you'll agree that the more time you spend on Jackson Lake, the more complete your experience will be. If you're on the 2-day or particularly the 4-day trip, you'll have plenty of time to sample all the activities that this rich wilderness area has to offer. Countless tranquil inlets and miles of shoreline beg to be explored; perhaps we'll encounter a moose drinking from the shallows, an eagle perched in a nearby aspen, or a family of deer foraging in the woods as we drift along the shoreline in our kayaks. Remember that the Inuit developed these boats for the sole purpose of surprising their hunt, in this sense they can provide you with a truly unique wildlife viewing opportunities. There are plenty of hiking trails to explore, and the beautiful lake constantly beckons us to swim or fish in its sapphire waters.
  • Each morning begins with a delicious early breakfast before we set off on the day's adventures. On the final day of our trip, after another hearty morning meal, we'll load up early for our return trip to Signal Mountain Lodge, returning to our vehicles at approximately 9:30 AM (please note: the 1-day trip actually ends the morning of Day 2, the 2-day trip ends the morning of Day 3, and the 4-day trip ends the morning of Day 5).

What's Included with Jackson Lake Kayak Trip?
•  All meals from lunch on Day 1 through lunch on the final day
•  All transportation from Signal Mountain to Jackson Lake and return from the Snake River
•  The necessary expedition equipment, which includes the following: tent, sleeping bag and pad, life jacket, dry bags.
•  Skilled professional rafting guides
•  Quality tents suited for two people

What's Not Included?
•  Transportation back and forth from the Grand Teton National Park
•  Pre / Post lodging and meals
•  Any required personal items, a complete packing list is included
•  Sleeping bag, ground cloth, sleep pad

Why Wyoming?
Wyoming's impressive list of tourist destinations makes for a vacation planner's dream. The sights and attractions are both numerous and diverse—guaranteed to entertain and fascinate. Here are a few we recommend you check out in conjunction with your O.A.R.S. trip.

•  The town of Jackson comes alive during the summer months, providing a gamut of outdoor activities in its surrounding wilderness areas. An impressive assortment of restaurants and accommodations are available in Jackson, ranging from the luxurious to the quaint. After-hours entertainment is also plentiful: there are several playhouses and movie theaters watering holes to suit any taste.

•  No trip to northwestern Wyoming would be complete without spending a few days exploring Yellowstone National Park ; United States and the world's, first national park, created in 1872. This remarkable landscape features the mountains of the continental divide, the largest geyser area in the world, colossal waterfalls, hot springs, deep canyons and, of course, spectacular beauty.

•  Devils Tower National Monument, located in northeastern Wyoming, is a volcanic plug that reaches 865 feet and became the US's first national monument in 1906. Rising abruptly out of the surrounding rolling hills, this geologic oddity is otherworldly and immortalized as so in Steven Spielberg's film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

•  Wind River Canyon, south of Thermopolis on Highway 20, is an extremely scenic drive between Owl Creek and Bridger Mountains. The canyon walls rise up to 2000 feet above the river revealing geologic history in a cross-section of intriguing rock formations.

•  Fort Laramie National Historic Site is a monument that speaks to the historical importance of Fort Laramie, a command post and staging area along the Oregon, Mormon and Pony Express trails. The fort was instrumental in the exploration and settlement of Frontier America.

•  Each year during the last full week of July, Wyoming's Frontier Days celebration is staged in Cheyenne, the states capitol city. This annual event has been held since 1897 to commemorate both the culture and history of Wyoming's storied past. For those that can't make it that week, a museum of the same name is open year round.

•  The town of Cody supplies even further opportunities to learn of the history of Wyoming. The Buffalo Bill Historical Center has been called “the Smithsonian of the Old West. “ It displays a diverse collection of art, artifacts, crafts and exhibits. Be sure to visit the Whitney Gallery of Western Art, an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures and prints from such famous American artists as Albert Bierstadt, George Catlin and Thomas Moran.

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