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Grand Canyon, Arizona

Family Adventure Vacations - Grand Canyon, AZ
Four Days, Class 1-10

Departure Dates
(Begin & End Dates)
June 19-22; August 19-22


Five Days, Class 1-10

Departure Dates
(Begin & End Dates)
April 14-18, April 20-24; May 9-13; July 4-8; September 10-14


•  There are 5 rapids rated 5 or higher on the Whitmore Wash to Lake Mead section. Whitewater in the Canyon is rated on a scale of 1 – 10 (unlike the more common rating which use the I – VI scale). A "1" is a small riffle, and a "10" is the most difficult rapid still considered run able. This section has milder whitewater than the river upstream, but it still provides plenty of adventure and excitement.

•  Each day varies, but on an average you'll spend 3-5 hours on the boats a day, and the rest of the time hiking and exploring side canyons, eating, or relaxing in camp. The most gentle hikes are no more difficult than negotiating a few yards of beach sand or stepping over a few rocks. Other guests may go for several miles over a rough trail, climb steeply up a hot hillside, requiring the use of both hands over awkward boulders and demanding caution as you navigate a narrow trail above a steep cliff. Our guides are happy to help novices with any advice or assistance, many times their helpfulness enables the timid and inexperienced to get to special places that many other groups pass by. Remember, however, all hikes are optional and you can choose to relax and take in a few tanning rays or read a book instead.

The Trip Begins
A representative from Vision Air will meet you promptly at 12:00 noon at the Las Vegas McCarran Airport. The meeting place is located in the main terminal directly behind the information counter, between the north and south baggage claim areas. Please do not be late. The Vision Air representative will then drive you to the North Las Vegas Airport where you will board your charter plane for the 30-45 minute flight to Bar 10 Ranch.



Sample Itinerary
Keep in mind the itinerary for the trip from Whitmore Wash to Lake Mead can vary widely. We adapt to individual group needs, weather, water flows and take into consideration other groups on the river.

No two trips are alike, but here is an idea of what you can expect.

Day 1
•  Meet at 12:00 noon at McCarran Airport. A brief shuttle ride to the North Las Vegas Airport will bring you to the plane for the flight to Bar 10 Ranch. Following lunch you are free to participate in any of the activities the ranch has to offer. Finish off the day with some country-western entertainment provided by the ranch hands.

Day 2
•  The aroma of a country breakfast greets you in the morning. Following breakfast, you'll fly via helicopter to the river's edge at Whitmore Wash where your river guides will greet you. After repacking your gear into the waterproof bags and a safety talk, we'll load the rafts, slip into lifejackets and start down the river.

Day 3
•  Your hunger for adventure is soon satisfied by the churning waters of 205, 209 and 217 Mile rapids which discount the myth that all the good whitewater occurs above Whitmore Wash. We spend a delightful, fun-filled day discovering this. More than just whitewater, however, the trip affords an opportunity to hike and explore this exquisite desert region.

Day 4
•  On our last full day on the river, we slip past Diamond Creek and enter the lower Granite Gorge, making our final camp at, or just above, Separation Rapid. The power launch which will carry us across Lake Mead enters our campsite and we feel a strange sense of loss – our adventure is coming to a close. The stars seem extra lovely tonight.

Day 5
•  The morning of our final day you board the jet boat for the journey downstream and across Lake Mead. From here you travel by van shuttle (approximately a 3-hour ride) back to the Las Vegas McCarran Airport. Expect to be there between 1-3:00 pm. Due to possible traffic delays and security checks we do not recommend you reserve a flight for departure prior to 5:00 pm.


What's Included?
•  Transportation by van and plane from Las Vegas McCarran Airport to Bar 10 Ranch
•  Ranch activities including horseback riding, skeet shooting, hiking, ATV (additional cost), etc.
•  Accommodations at the Bar 10 Ranch
•  Helicopter ride from Bar 10 Ranch to Whitmore Wash
•  Expedition equipment, including highest quality rafts, 2 person shared tent, sleep kit (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, ground cloth, sheet and pillow), life jacket, waterproof bags and watertight metal can, camp chair as well as eating utensils, plates and cups.
•  Meals from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on your last day
•  Skilled, professional, experienced guides
•  Van shuttle from Lake Mead to Las Vegas McCarran Airport

What's Not Included?
•  Pre - and post-trip accommodations and meals
•  Transportation to/from Las Vegas
•  Items of a personal nature (an equipment list will be provided)

About the Bar 10 Ranch

The Grand Canyon Bar 10 Ranch is located in the northwest corner of Arizona, with the magnificent Grand Canyon and the Colorado River in its back yard! The lodge at Bar 10 was completed in 1982 and can accommodate up to 36 overnight guests. It is one of the oldest cattle ranches on the legendary Arizona Strip – often called America's last frontier. Brawling, often bloody chapters in the chronicles of the early West were etched into this historic outback by homesteaders, cattle barons and outlaws. Trails wind through rugged mountains and densely wooded river bottoms that once sheltered the Anasazi Indians as well as notorious desperadoes the likes of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Here, some 80 miles from the nearest paved roads, the Bar 10 couples the seclusion and serenity of a remote wilderness area with all the amenities of a new beautiful lodge.

Facilities at Bar 10 Ranch include a Trading Post that carries snacks, sodas, film, curios, t-shirts, caps, souvenirs, and river supplies. Because it's located some 2 ½ hours from paved roads, power lines, telephones, smog, TV, and other distractions of civilization, one can experience the rustic nostalgia of the ‘Wild' West. Sleeping facilities include 2 person covered wagons and western-style bunks (four to a room). A dirt runway facilitates small aircrafts and a helicopter and pilot are stationed at the ranch to enable scenic flights or in the case of an emergency.

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed into the lodge where you are welcome to help yourself to a buffet-style chuck wagon lunch. Following lunch, you will be assigned a room. Once settled, we will provide you with a brief orientation concerning the Arizona Strip local history and certain ranch operations, after which you will walk or ride to a nearby arena where you will be entertained by a mini rodeo and ranch demonstrations. Many guests enjoy participating in a branding of a calf, shoeing a horse, trick roping, or the black powder rifle shooting. The remainder of the afternoon is hiking, playing horseshoes, taking trail rides, or simply relaxing, it's your choice. Please note: the Bar 10 does not serve alcohol (neither beer nor mixed drinks). You are, of course, welcome to bring your own.

Supper features a hearty Dutch-oven meal with green salad, homemade rolls, coffee and punch. Following your meal, guests will enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the canyon as it flaunts its colorful sunset wardrobe. Evening activities features country-western entertainment around the massive rock fireplace.

A bedtime snack of homemade cookies or fresh watermelon caps off the evening before you retire to the silent sounds of the open country and the Wild West. You may sleep in the western-style bunk beds or covered wagons, for private sleeping with an outdoor flair!

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