Great Family Vacations
Great Family VacationsGreat Family VacationsGreat Family VacationsGreat Family VacationsGreat Family Vacations
Great Family Vacations
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The Best in Family Vacations & Family Adventure Vacations Family Program

An O.A.R.S. family vacations are the kind of getaways that help
you make the most of the little bit of time you have together with
your loved ones, especially your kids. Our family vacations offer
good times, deeply relaxing settings, new places, new
Family Vacations - The Family Friendly Program

Family VacationsO.A.R.S.’ Friendly family vacations are made for kids of all ages, and parents of all interests and skill levels.

Our family vacations offer itineraries, which feature rivers selected specifically for their family-friendliness — they’re designed with safety in mind, tons of fun and made with your pocketbook considered.

O.A.R.S family vacations ensure that kids (and you!) have the time of their lives, while ensuring Mom and Dad are relaxed enough to enjoy the ride and appreciate the good times.

  • There are 14 different rivers to chose from - California to Wyoming to British Columbia
  • Our Friendly family vacations provides competitive pricing
  • Family vacations are hosted by experienced river guides with a knack for the needs of kids, and parents too (each family vacation has a designated “Fun Director”)
  • The food’s great — it’s healthy and catered to all sorts of tastes
  • O.A.R.S. family vacations cater to families with kids as young as four, and to those with older teens
  • There are family vacation options for first-timers and for experienced whitewater paddlers alike

Family VacationsWith so many great family vacations to choose from, safety-minded, kid-friendly guides and an experience of a lifetime in the waiting, what more could there be for a family looking for an unforgettable family adventure vacation?

Well, on our “Family Friendly” trips we’ve thrown in a few extras.

We know that young minds need plenty of fuel these days. That’s why each of these designated family vacations has a specially designated guide along — our Fun Director — to educate, entertain and energize all the youngsters aboard. Every family gets a journal to keep track of all the details. All the friendly family vacations trips have a digital camera for the families to share and capture all the action. O.A.R.S. kids can even build their own family-trip website.


Family Vacations




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