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Lodge at Chilko Lake
Multi-Sport, British Columbia

Lodge at Chilko Lake Multi-Sport, British Columbia

Five Days, Class I or IV

Departure Dates
June 10, 24; July 8, 22; August 5, 19; September 2

Additional Costs: 12% HST, $600 flight from Vancouver to Anahim Lake

Getting Started
Welcome to our industry leading, multi-sport adventure tour through British Columbia's most diverse and extraordinary landscapes. To best enjoy your adventure, we suggest you take some time to become familiar with trip details. Our goal is to be at your side every step of the way as you prepare for your expedition, so we ask that you do not hesitate to call with any concerns or questions.

Notes from the Region – A letter from Brian McCutcheon
The start of our adventure is marked by one of the most stunning plane rides you’ll ever experience. Entering this icy landscape, you’re soon surrounded by serrated, towering ridges and spectacular glacial lakes is a sure thrill for most city – folk. The 55-mile long Chilko Lake is azure-like in color and translucent, on par only with the impressive waters found in the South Pacific. The Chilko River flows from the lakes north end and begs to be explored. This combination of the intense yet serene is precisely what makes this trip so memorable.

Priorities quickly change with time spent out here. People forget about accessories, diets, poise and would-be sophistication. As we dine at the lakeshore we can see thousands of rainbow trout and salmon and leap from the waters in front of you, as act which takes on unprecedented decadence. Spotting grizzlies along the hillsides from the comfort and safety of our private helicopter and exploring the alpine becomes a truly divine experience. Fax machines and cell phones are the farthest thoughts from your mind. By day we enjoy the sun soothing our backs before we watch it turn blood red in the sunset over the teal waters.

A land full of legends, the Chilcotin is steeped with the heritage of the Canadian gold rush, spotted with million acre homesteads, and the best stretch of whitewater navigable by commercial vessels found in North America. Our fellow travelers come to us from all walks of professional life, and levels of trekking experience. None of whom have any trouble leaving civilization behind them as they check into Chilcotin country – the tough part doesn’t come until they have to back in. This is one trip that stays with our guests forever.

It was 1985 when Brian McCutcheon began Rivers & Oceans, and has been operating kayaking and rafting trip here since the late eighties. We changed to Rivers Oceans and Mountains in 2000 so as to best reflects the landscape of the regions we visit. The evolution of our company to ROAM includes us now offering three very different styles of adventure tours – Expedition, Safari, and Exploratory. Brian has been down the Chilko River well over 100 times. His experience was a large part of why ESPN selected ROAM to help facilitate the filming “Wild Rules” and adventure reality series at Chilko Lake. When not out on a tour, Brian acts as ROAM’s Managing Director from our Nelson, BC offices.

Why the Multi-sport Adventure?
A breathtaking charter flight out of Vancouver marks the start of out adventure, one that takes us over the impressive glaciers and towering mountains of BC’s Coast Range. Following our arrival to the stunning wilderness of Chilko Lake, we soon find ourselves exploring the scenery that this region is famous for. Located on the border of T's'ylos Provincial park, the headwaters of the Chilko River system and the north end of Chilko, we are surrounded with a variety of adventures, all available at our doorstep. These activities include kayaking on Chilko Lake, heli-hiking in the wildflowers and alpine meadows of the Coast Mountains, and rafting the clear crystal waters of the Chilko River. Other activity options include hiking, fishing or horseback riding. At the end of each day we will return to the rustic charm and comfort our riverside accommodations where we’ll to indulge in great food and fine wines. Cap off the day with a dip in our Jacuzzi, sauna or swimming pool.

About the Accommodation
Chilko Lake Resort is nestled in the Provinces historic ranch country and has a brilliant view of both the lake and river headwaters. The main lodge is a impressive log structure built from spruce trees and surrounded by enough cabins to accommodate all of our guests. The main lodge boasts a lounge, restaurant, sauna, swimming pool and games room. It is perched next to Ts'yl-os Provincial Park, the crown jewel of BC’s park system. Appetizing meals are meticulously prepared with fresh local vegetables, meats and locally harvested seafood. With advance notice we can accommodate and dietary restrictions. Thoughtful attention and service greets you upon arrival and lasts throughout your stay.

The Terrain
The starting point of the trip is the north end of Ts'yl-os Provincial Park. A Provincial Park since 1994, Ts'yl-os (pronounced “sigh loss”) covers 233,240 hectares of the Chilcotin Ranges amongst the Coast Mountains. While Chilko Lake is often considered the showpiece of the park, there are many more spectacular natural features in the area. Though the region boasts much to explore, it is unserviced and quite rugged, leaving its' visitors to their own devices. This is where we come in; ROAM can enable you to experience the area in a level of safe, comfortable adventure.

The River
Participants are regularly overwhelmed by the intense beauty and excitement of this natural corridor. The Chilko River drains the lake, making this free flowing waterway ideal for rafting from May through to October. When pitted against the often busy rivers south of the Canadian border this circuitous system is considered a unique and fantastic wilderness waterway. The Chilko is without a doubt one of North America's best rivers for rafting. It boasts mile after mile of roller coaster - like rapids that won’t fail to keep your undivided attention from start to finish. The Provincial Government of British Columbia certainly agrees with us - they have created more than 17 new parks in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region alone.

Cultural Notes
Ts'yl-os is far more than simply a Provincial Park to the indigenous people of the Nemaiah Valley. Ts'yl-os is a figure in Aboriginal heritage, a man who was known for his moods. His towering height of 3,061 metres gave him a certain amount of respect, as well as fear (Mount Tatlow on a map). The Aboriginal people note that it is wise to respect him; this includes not pointing at him. His presence is thought to be so overbearing that when in rare times of poor weather, the 250 native residents question if it may be a message from their spiritual protector.

The agreement between the isolated Nemaiah First Nation people and the park residents is a very important, however tentative first step towards collaboration with the outside world. It is this so – called ‘outside’ world that sparked the so-called Chilcotin Indian War of 1864. That historic uprising against the outside white world onto these lands continues to colour the native's opinion of Government intervention and the park's future.

Professional Guide Services

Our guides are as notable as the surrounding scenery; they are passionate about their work, and more than pleased to pass on their local knowledge to out guests. College and University graduates, they all have impressive backgrounds in the fields of geology, natural history and anthropology. They also have vast knowledge of the local folklore. Trained in wilderness first aid, part naturalist and professionally certified, our guides will ensure that you have an incredible experience with ROAM.

Our kayaks are ideally suited for the waters on which we paddle, and should be as they are manufactured in B.C. When on the river, we make use of self-bailing crafts, the benefits of which are revolutionary. These devices collect any water as it enters the boat, which then drains out by way of grommet holes along each side. The rafts have also been designed with center mount oar rigs and give participants the option of paddling or just soaking up the views. With advance notice, a helicopter or Beaver bush plane is available for those wishing to add some fly-in fishing to their trip.

The Chilcotin is one of the driest regions in the country. During the summer months of July and August rainfall averages fewer than several inches a month. Temperatures may reach the mid 90's (degrees F) by midday and may drop as low as the mid 50's by night. Nearer to the Coast Ranges, convection showers are fairly common.

Wildlife and Flora
The world’s largest herd of Californian Bighorn Sheep are found in the Chilcotin region. These huge spiraled horned rams are known to charge at collective speeds of 50 miles per hour and strike heads more than 30 times a day. This violence is an often fatal fight for the sexual supremacy of the herd. Another of the regions fleet footed hunters is the cougar. Much like other predators, cougars will often prey on the young or the weak. More often than not, however, cougars are harassed with great persistence by coyotes until they leave their kill. Some coyotes may become lunch for the cougar, but the giant cats are much more likely to look to moose, deer or sheep. Fortunately enough for the cougars, all are plentiful here.

This area is where we’ll find the grizzly and black bear. The strong bear population feeds on the abundant berries and rose hips found in the aspen groves. An August departure will virtually guarantee sightings due to the bears feeding on the rich salmon runs during this time of the year. River otter, beaver and mink will also be spotted along the riverbank. We have also counted more than 30 species of birds on this trip. They include the golden and bald eagles, peregrine falcons as well as several species of hawks. Canada geese, sage grouse, great blue herons, Lewis woodpeckers and several varieties of songbirds are also present. In addition, seven different bat species such as Townsend’s big – eared bats and the western-footed myotis make the area their home.

The landscape along the upper Chilko is marked by Douglas Fir and Lodgepole Pine. However, as we move down in elevation trees become sparse and large open grasslands are interspersed with ponderosa pine and cottonwood. As we move into the lower Chilcotin, prickly pear cactus and sagebrush coat parts of the desert found here. Comparatively, insects are quite rare. Butterflies are the largest airborne bugs, of which there are more than 40 different species. Each different species is associated with a particular plant, many of which have exotic names like the Painted Lady, Aster Checkerspot, Woodland Skipper, and the White Admiral.

Chilko Lake is truly a world class fishing area. The Lake has the third largest Sockeye Salmon run in British Columbia (a return of over 2 million annually) and is also a spawning ground for Spring and Coho Salmon as well as Steelhead. For our fly fisherman guests the Lake also offers plenty of Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. In the case that you may want to enjoy the abundant fish light, we suggest you bring your gear, however, rods and gear can be provided with advanced notice.

Personal Preparation
Our trips require no previous experience. Our experienced guides will provide you with a thorough orientation to smart and safe wilderness practices upon your arrival, as well as teaching you all the basic skills. ROAM’s prime consideration is your safety and comfortable level, which we want as high as possible, whilst maintaining the integrity of a true wilderness experience. These activities are always easier to enjoy when you are physically fit, so we suggest that you try to exercise prior to your trip. All of our clients are required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to the trips departure.

Ecological Sentiment
ROAM is strongly committed to preserving British Columbia's wild areas. Our trips are specifically designed to support an appreciation and understanding of the fragile ecosystems that make our province unique whilst preserving the integrity of the habitats we encounter. We ask that participants share our environmental concern by practicing minimum impact touring in the regions we operate in. We believe that the survival of our wildlife and environment depends on establishing an economy that extends beyond simply harvesting our resources. The immersion of our clients into BC's vast natural areas supports eco-tourism as a practical and smart economic choice.

In order to confirm trip availability, we require a deposit of $500. These and other payments are non-refundable, therefore and we recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance when you make your deposit. Upon our receipt of your deposit we will send you needed pre – departure information, a letter of confirmation, medical questionnaire, liability release form and equipment list. Both the medical questionnaire and liability release form should be returned to us with the balance due no less than 90 days prior to departure. We look forward to seeing you on your Multi-sport adventure.

Services Included:
•  All meals while on a trip or at the lodge from Dinner Day 1 through Lunch Day 5
•  Cocktail reception
•  Guided hiking
•  4-nights of lakeside accommodation based at Chilko Lake Lodge
•  Sea kayaking on Chilko Lake, heli-hiking in the Coast Mountains
•  River rafting trip (whitewater rafting or float) on the Chilko River
•  Round trip air charter from Vancouver to Chilko Lake
•  ½ day horseback ride and ½ day fishing 
•  Complete professional rafting guide services

Services not Included:
• Any necessary personal items, massage services and equipment outlined in personal equipment list fishing license
• Accommodation in Vancouver, liquor or sundries at the resort

Multi-sport Sample Itinerary

Day One (Monday)
We meet for our morning flight at the Esso Avitat adjacent to the SOUTH TERMINAL (keep in mind that this is not the main terminal of the Vancouver International Airport.) Please ensure that you pack your gear in soft luggage as this will allow for easy storage. Following our incredible flight we will meet at the headwaters of the river to introduce you to our guides. We’ll check into our rooms and enjoy the rest of the day at the Resort. A lakeside dinner and an evening to mull over final details and issue expedition equipment will help get you into the rhythms of the trip.

Day Two (Tuesday)
The day starts with a transfer to our launch point. As we enter the whitewater we will quickly begin our descent along the continuous rapids of the Chilko, being treated to impressive standing waves and thrilling hydraulic along the way. Those who may not be seeking the excitement of a class IV river will float the upper Chilko looking out to spot wildlife or perhaps relaxing with a book. At the end of your second exhilarating day, the group will be transferred back to Chilko Lake Lodge where the hot tub or a short walk is in order so that you can best enjoy the fantastic sunset.

Day Three (Wednesday)
Today we will enjoy the great fishing that Chilko Lake has to offer before setting off for an afternoon adventure on horseback. Our guides are always available to give you a few pointers on fly fishing or you can spend some time relaxing with a spin rod. This afternoon is the perfect opportunity to take a swim in the pool, soak in the hot tub or go for a hike or a short canoe trip.

Day Four (Thursday)
Today we make our way to the incredible alpine surrounding the Park, a short helicopter ride away. High up above Chilko Lake, resting in the stunning Coast Mountains we will trek through the endless wildflowers. This richly carpeted terrain allows us to cover greater distances. The undisturbed 360-degree scenery is breathtaking as you meander amongst the mountaintops sure to be seen by just a selected few.

Day Five (Friday)
Today, our final day, we depart Chilko Lake Resort via boat, and head into the 55-mile long waterway. Surrounded by colossal glacier-capped peaks and isolated wilderness, we will today paddling the lake with a picnic on the rivers sandy beaches. Once we are back on the ranch we prepare for the afternoon flight back to Vancouver.

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