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Family Adventure Vacations - Trips for 7 Years and Up

Family Adventure VacationsTiny but Tough

They're not toddlers. But they're not teens. They're ‘tweens.

For this age group, O.A.R.S. family adventure vacations cater to the one fact Mom and Dad know all too well by now – busy minds are happy minds. And we'll keep them busy during our family adventure vacations. But not the usual ways. There'll be no channel surfing out here, no ‘Net and definitely no nonsense throughout our family adventure vacations (well, maybe a little...) With the same focus on safety as for the tikes, but room for the burgeoning boldness in many ‘tweens, kids seven-to-twelve will find just enough adventure to keep them pumped up, without any panic from the parents. Beyond the fun, there's a big educational and instructional component to O.A.R.S. family adventure vacations for this age group, with lots of learning along the river and on short side trips to all sorts of cool destinations – dinosaur fossil finds, ancient ruins and awesome forests of huge, old growth trees. Parents can either choose to tag along, or kick back on the beach during our family adventure vacations. Either way, there's rest, relaxation and reward for everyone in the family in knowing that your kids are living it up, learning – and lovin' it!


Family Adventure Vacations

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