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Great Family VacationsGreat Family VacationsGreat Family VacationsGreat Family VacationsGreat Family Vacations
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12 Years and Up

Family Vacation Ideas - Trips for 12 Years and Up
Family Vacation IdeasAdventures in Adolescence

Twelve going on 22. Uh huh. We know the kind.

Looking for family vacation ideas? At an age where they'd rather hide out at the mall than hang out with the ‘rents, O.A.R.S family vacations for the 12-and-up crowd aim to provide real adventure, some out-of-sight academics and life's large lessons in an environment too awe-inspiring for your teens to ever forget.

These family vacation ideas are all about cool. Did we mention that Tom Cruise, George Clooney, fashion diva Donna Karan and even Jessica Simpson's ex-hubby, Nick Lachey have traveled with O.A.R.S.?

Family Vacation Ideas

After a true taste of roaring whitewater rapids, towering peaks and big, burly wildlife, the kids will feel like rock stars in their own right. Our family vacation ideas lend a cool factor for Mom and Dad too, a shared experience sure to bind a new tie between parents and their up-and-coming adults.

Traveling a river is a rite on its own, perhaps no more influential than for those who are preparing for the adventure of the not-too-far-off real world. After a few days or a week pushing their boundaries and building bonds, many of our teen guests step back ashore more assured, a little older and a little wiser. So do their folks.

Family Vacation Ideas

Family Vacations and Family Vacation Ideas:



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